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ExpressIFTA is an online service that allows you to record your mileage and fuel reports and prepare your IFTA fuel tax return each quarter. ExpressIFTA helps ensure that you’re able to generate your IFTA return efficiently and accurately to help save you time and money.
At ExpressIFTA we keep up with all of the tax rates and IFTA laws to help ensure the accuracy of your IFTA fuel tax return . ExpressIFTA does all of the necessary calculations and prepares your specific state IFTA fuel tax return for you - simply enter your mileage and fuel records and we take care of the rest. You can choose to enter your mileage and fuel throughout the quarter by trip sheet or any time with our quick entry form. You don’t pay for our service until you actually prepare the return and get ready to print it. If you run into any questions you can contact our USA based support team in Rock Hill, South Carolina by telephone, live chat or e-mail - we’re always happy to help. ExpressIFTA provides you with a combination of value and service unmatched by others in the industry.

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With ExpressIFTA there is no cost for entering in your mileage and fuel information, you only pay at the time you generate your IFTA fuel tax return. Generate your IFTA return for $24.95 per quarter regardless of the number of vehicles on the return. There are no hidden subscription or monthly fees, it’s as simple as that.
At this time we do not file the return for you. ExpressIFTA prepares your state form complete with calculations based on your mileage, fuel purchase and base jurisdiction information entered. You will simply need to print, sign your return, enclose payment of any tax due and send in your return to your base jurisdiction.

IFTA States

Yes, since the IFTA Quarterly Tax is a state tax each state has different requirements and guidelines for the tax. You can verify your base state/jurisdiction requirements and guidelines from our "IFTA States" tab at
Currently ExpressIFTA supports filing in all US states that participate in IFTA. Non IFTA states include Oregon, Washington D.C., Hawaii, and Alaska. Click Here to see a map outlining the available states.
Yes, ExpressIFTA supports travel into ten Canadian Providences and Mexico. Simply select the specific Canadian Providence or Mexico from the state column.

IRS Form 2290

The Form 2290 or HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) is an annual tax that is filed with the IRS to report, figure and pay taxes due (if applicable) on vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.

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The Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month of first use. For example, if you purchase and first use a vehicle in January, you must file a Form 2290 by the end of February. Annual renewal of your Form 2290 for a new tax period must be completed by August 31.

A Form 2290 can be filed at any time after the deadline, however the tax due may be subject to penalties and interest . The penalty for failing to file IRS Form 2290 in a timely manner is equal to 4.5 percent of the total tax due, assessed on a monthly basis up to five months. Late filers not making an HVUT (Form 2290) payment also face an additional monthly penalty equal to 0.5 percent of total tax due. Additional interest charges of 0.54 percent per month accrue as well.
Yes. The IRS requires taxpayers to use an EIN when filing a Form 2290. A Social Security Number may not be used. If you do not have an EIN, you may apply for one online at or by phone at 1-800-829-4933.
The heavy vehicle use taxes do not transfer from one owner to another. You will be required to file a Form 2290 and pay HVUT taxes on any qualifying taxable vehicle once that vehicle is in your possession.

IFTA Due Date

For most states, penalty for late filing is a flat rate fee of $50 or 10% of the taxes due, whichever is greater. The only state that is different is Nevada. Nevada's penalty for Late filing is a $50 flat fee plus 10% of the taxes due.
Starting the month after you receive your original penalty for late filing, you will be charged .4167% of the tax due every month until the tax amount is paid. Again, Nevada is the only exception to this rule. Nevada charges the .4167% of the tax due every month as well as an administrative late fee of $100 the first time, $500 the second time, $1000 the third time, $1500 the fourth time, $2000 the fifth time, and $2500 for every time after that.
Your IFTA return is due the last day of the month following the end of the quarter you’re filing for:

Q1: January - March, due date of April 30
Q2: April - June, due date of July 31
Q3: July - September, due date of October 31
Q4: October - December, due date of January 31
Any refund amount will be automatically calculated by ExpressIFTA and will be listed on your IFTA fuel tax return. This amount will show either in parentheses or as a negative balance. Depending on your state/base jurisdiction, once you mail in your IFTA quarter tax return, your state will either apply the refund as a credit on your next return or mail you a check for the amount they owe you.
Surcharges are additional charges that specific states charge. To get surchrage rates please contact the state in question directly.

IFTA odometer Entry

You can enter your miles via several different methods with ExpressIFTA depending on what is most convenient to you. If you manage your fuel and distance records by the trips you go on, you can use our Trip Sheets option . If you would rather input your data all in one place you can use our Quick Entries Option to every day, week, month, or quarter. If you already use a GPS that tracks your miles driven, you can even easily import that GPS report into the system. It is completely up to you.
Our system will calculate your distance if you choose to import your data by the Odometer Readings option . Simply put in your starting and ending odometer reading and ExpressIFTA will calculate the distance for you.
ExpressIFTA offers a Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Calculator which is an error detection service put in place to insure no fuel or mileage data is input into the system by mistake. Simply put in the MPG range that your truck travels, for example 5 mpg to 10mpg, and run the diagnostic check. Any data entered that falls out of that range will be highlighted for you to correct.
Not all miles driven are IFTA miles, or considered Taxable. ExpressIFTA allows you to distinguish and separate IFTA miles from Non IFTA miles.
Non IFTA miles would be miles that are not considered Taxable. For example, if your truck was towed, mileage was put on the motor because the wheels were turning, but you are not charged a tax for those miles. Also, any miles driven in states that don't participate in IFTA obviously would be Non IFTA miles and exempt from the IFTA tax. Non IFTA states include Oregon and Washington D.C.
Yes, you can separate out your mileage entered on ExpressIFTA by Toll Miles and Non Toll miles if you would like. This is completely optional. We allow you to separate out your Toll miles if you would like to claim tax in NYHUT filings and Massachusetts toll miles.

Vehicle Details

You can find all of your driver's details on the "Drivers" tab once you are logged into your ExpressIFTA account.
No, you will need to file a separate return for each different fuel type. For example, if you have a vehicle that runs diesel fuel and another that runs gasoline you will need to file two separate returns.

IFTA Fuel Type

ExpressIFTA supports nearly all types of fuel including Diesel, Gasoline, E85, M85, Ethanol, Methanol, Bio-diesel and more.
Yes, You can input your fuel data into ExpressIFTA as either Gallons or Liters.

IFTA Additional Topics

The IFTA quarterly return must be filed with your base state/jurisdiction by the due date for each quarter. Manage and track your IFTA fuel and distance records with ExpressIFTA and then simply generate, print, and mail in your return each quarter.
Auditing happens at random. That's why ExpressIFTA keeps all of your IFTA returns on file so that you can easily access when auditing does occur.
You will need your IFTA license, basic business details and truck information, along with miles traveled and fuel purchased in the particular IFTA quarter you are filing for.
The IFTA Credentials you will receive depends on your what base jurisdiction/state provides you. Most states provide you with one IFTA License and set of decals. To verify what credentials you base jurisdiction will provide you with, please visit our "IFTA States" page.
The method of application for an IFTA license also depends on what your base jurisdiction/state requires. Please visit our "States" page to verify how you should apply for your IFTA license in your base jurisdiction or contact our sister company Truck Services of North America and they can assist with the application process.