ExpressIFTA Features

Trip log

In the Trip Details tab, you'll find a summary of your IFTA information by each quarter. You can manage each quarter by trip sheets, quick entries, GPS data upload, and even by bulk uploading your IFTA data from an Excel or .CSV file.

Trip Sheet

With our trip detail feature, you can manage your IFTA report by each trip you make at your convenience. Start by choosing which vehicle and driver you want to report a trip for. After that, number your trip and input the odometer reading at the beginning of the trip. Next, input your starting and ending location, as well as the start and end date. Add any additional information you like including load description, carrier, trailer number, and more.

Once your trip summary is documented, you just need to add your specific mileage and fuel records—decide if you need to input your miles traveled by odometer or distance records. After tht, you just breakdown your miles driven by taxable, nontaxable, and toll or non-toll if need be. Finally, you report fuel purchased in each state and save your trip for your final IFTA report.

Trip sheet

Quick Entry

The Quick Entries option is exactly like it sounds Quick and Easy! Once you've selected which vehicle you want to record data for, begin by entering mileage and fuel details for that vehicle one month at a time. Begin entering fuel and mileage data by date and include trip numbers if you would like.

Simply start at the beginning of the month and record which state(s) you were in each day, how many miles you traveled that day, and how much fuel was purchased on that day. Quick Entries also allows you to breakdown your miles driven by odometer readings or just the distance traveled. For your convenience you also have the option to label each distance traveled by what type of trip it was i.e. Loaded, Empty, Bobtail, or Deadhead.

IFTA Quick Entry

Bulk Data Upload

Express IFTA allows you to conveniently Bulk Upload your Odometer or Distance records from an Excel or CSV file with our Express Upload and Smart Upload Features.

The Express Upload feature allows you to choose if you are using odometer or distance records. Begin by adding your list of odometer or distance records to the spreadsheet we provide. Follow the onscreen tips to avoid confusion and then upload the spreadsheet into our system. It's that simple!

The Smart Upload feature allows you to use your own template and format to upload your odometer details into our system. Simply select the file from your computer and match the required fields to ensure your data is imported correctly. Review the data you've entered and then upload your spreadsheet into the system. It's that simple!

GPS Data Capture

Express IFTA can import data directly from your GPS system! Simply choose what type of GPS device you are using and then upload the GPS device output into our system. After a quick review of the data you entered, you can then upload your GPS output to your IFTA report. At this time Express IFTA only accepts Fleetmatics GPS output — upload the daily report Fleetmatics sends you into ExpressIFTA and you're done!

Express IFTA is capable of supporting any GPS platform. If you have a GPS platform other than Fleetmatics, please email your GPS report to so that we can upload it for you. Once we receive your GPS report we will be able to make that GPS platform automatically available to you at all times from your Express IFTA account.

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