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IFTA Returns Options

No operation

If you did not operator in a particular quarter you are still required to file an IFTA Quarterly Return as a Zero Miles Report. To do so, simply generate an IFTA return without entering any mileage or fuel data onto the form. On the IFTA Return Option Page Select "No" for the No Operation option. This action is also required if you are leased to and operating under the lessee's IFTA license.


Mistakes are bound to happen. That's why Express IFTA offers you IFTA Return Amendments at no additional cost to you. If you discover errors in your IFTA Return, Simply log back into your Express IFTA account and open the originally generated return that is in question. All fields are editable so that you can correct any mistake you may have made. Once you errors are amended, regenerate you IFTA Quarterly Return and select "Yes" for the Amendment option on the IFTA Return Option page.

Final returns

Express IFTA gives you the ability to file your Final IFTA Return with your base jurisdiction if need be. You are not required to input mileage and fuel data on your final IFTA Quarterly return. Filing your return as your Final IFTA Return will cancel your IFTA license with your Base Jurisdiction.

To File your Final IFTA Return, Generate a return for the last operating quarter and input any necessary mileage or fuel data and generate your return. On the IFTA Return Option Page select "Yes" next to the Final Return option and proceed to generate your return and mail it in to your state.