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Upload Fuel Records And Vehicle Details


Express IFTA is capable of handling all of your truck specific details. You can now easily upload and manage you fuel records regardless of fuel type. You can also manage multiple vehicles from one account and each of those vehicles specific details.

Multiple Fuel Support

Express IFTA allows you to record practically any type of fuel you could possibly need to record for your personal and IFTA records. Available Fuel types include: Diesel, Gasoline, Gasohol, Propane, Liquid Natural Gas, Ethanol, Methanol, Biodiesel, and more.

Multiple vehicle Support

From the Vehicles Tab you manage as many diffferent vehicles as you would like. You can add vehciles one at a time, or upload your entire fleet at one time with our Bulk Upload feature.

Vehicle Details

Manage Trucks by VIN number, Unit Number, Gross Vehicle Weight, Vehicle Type, and Fuel Type. You can also filter vehicles by any of the prior mentioned details.